Never Drop The Mic

Never Drop the Mic

Lately there has been this popular trend where people trying to give emphasis to whatever point they just made have dropping the microphone on the floor when they are done.  This can be somewhat dramatic and make a point, but it’s also really rude and inappropriate in most cases.


Firstly, it’s always rude and inappropriate to cause damage to your host’s property. Dropping a microphone on the floor can damage the microphone as well as the rest of the sound system and usually causes a loud bang that is also rude to your guests or listeners.


Most mic droppers haven’t stopped to think that they might cause damage to the mic or who owns it, or how much it might cost to replace. Not to mention the potential damage caused by the loud banging shock of sound going through the sound system can blow speakers and damage some of the other delicate parts of the sound system.


A good vocal mic can cost hundreds of dollars and cheap one might only cost $50, but the cheap ones are more likely to get damaged.


PLease don’t be rude to your host, the venue, or your guests.  Never Drop the Mic.