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Due to agreements with the artists, some photos cannot be sold but you can still look at them right here on this site.

Digital Photos

We offer full-resolution digital copies of our best photos.
$2 per photo
(delivered via email or on a thumb drive, depending on how many you order)
These photos will not have watermarks.

Our back catalog of photos is available (though some may be harder to locate if they are old)
Resolution may vary depending on what camera was used, generally, the older they are, the lower the resolution.
Our current equipment delivers photos at over 20 Megapixels.  These are big files.

Please send your request to


Buy Prints

High Quality 8 x 10 Prints of many of our photos are available on a print-to-order basis.

Please let us know specifically which photo you are interested in and we will get back to you with pricing and availability.

Please include the name of the photo album (example: Westword Music Showcase) the date of the show/event (example: June 25, 2009) and the name of the photographer (example: David Barber), and which image it is (example: DSC09098_railbenders.jpg or 1st page, middle row, left-hand pic).

Not all photos are available in a high enough resolution format to allow for a good print.

Since our photos come from many different photographers, it may take some time to locate a high-resolution file suitable for printing. This is especially true for older shots. More recent ones are easier to locate and print.

Please send your request to