Ryan Chrys – The Ambivalent Justice of….

Ryan Chrys - The Ambivalent Justice of....the ambivalent justice ofRryan Chrys

Ryan Chrys – The Ambivalent Justice of….

This is the first solo recording from Ryan Chrys of the Demon Funkies. The first track of the CD, “Promises” has the familiar sound of the Demon Funkies, but that’s where it ends. Of course, the highlight of this CD is Ryan’s distinctive guitar. His signature sound is what this CD is all about, from the hard driving rock of “Right on Time,” the mix of soft and hard rock in “Night Again,” to the soothing ballad, “Saviour.” This CD is a mixture of many styles of music, and includes a hip hop tune called “Good Energy” with guest Azma Holiday. Ryan is backed by a multitude of talented local musicians such as Seth and Josh Larson on back-up vocals, Brent Loveday doing lead vocals on Right On Time, Pete Lamborne on sax, Jeremy Berberich on keyboards, Kailin Yong on violin, and Paul “Prom King” Lanier, just to name a few. Give this CD a try.

For more info: http://ryanchrys.com

Review by Shirley Wheeler