Cotton Soeterboek Band – Twisted

Cotton Soeterboek Band - Twisted


For all boomers who want to be stuck in the 70’s rock, this band is for you.  Robert Soeterboek (spell that three times fast) has great Randy Bachman gruffness and swagger.  Guitarist Alan Cotton uses power chords and hooks like you or I use work boots – wear those suckers out.  The liner notes for this Colorado Springs five-piece praises them for carrying on the sound of Deep Purple and Whitesnake.  Please.  Listen to “Mandrake Root” and give me one comparison to Rod Evans’ vocals, Ritchie Blackmore’s classical Strat shreds or Jon Lord’s Hammond B-3.  And that was 1968!  The production is millennium slick but otherwise, the time warp feeling is complete on this CD.  Worn-out clichés such as “Set Me Free”, “Little Sister” and “Leave Me Blue” leave me black and blue.   Give these guys credit, though, for hanging it out there.  Too bad they weren’t playing this stuff in the 70’s.  They might have been something.


Reviewed by Mark L. Altobelli