• Buckner Funkenjazz

  • Whipporwill, Angelica Garcia, and Lydia Loveless

  • Buck’d Off, Thief River, Ryan Chrys & the Roughcuts, and Jackson Taylor & The Sinners

  • Mamyth, Church Fire, and Palehorse/Palerider

  • Benefit for Autumn Marx

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Buckner Funkenjazz

Buckner Funkenjazz at D’s Tavern Feb 25, 2017 Photos by David A. Barber #bucknerfunkenjazz, #DsTavernLittleton

Benefit for Autumn Marx

Benefit for Autumn Marx at Herman’s Hideaway featuring: Joe Candelario, The Drones, and Cherrywood. February 4, 2017 Photos by David A. Barber

Adrienne O Band and The Symbols

Adrienne O Band and The Symbols at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox. January 29, 2017. Photos by David A. Barber #adrienneoband, #TheSymbols  

12 Cents For Marvin – It’s Not Over

12 Cents For Marvin, the long-lived Ft. Collins based ska band released this long-awaited album It’s Not Over in late 2016. Eight original tracks all between 2 and 4 minutes (perfect for radio) Strangely (for a cd) the album is divided into Side A and Side B. Taht makes us speculate that the album is […]

Wendy Clark Band

Wendy Clark Band at Gennaro’s December 31, 2016 Photos by David A. Barber @TequilaMockingbirdMusic, @tqmb