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Gigging – Everything you need to know about playing gigs (except how to play your axe)

Gigging covers everything that any band or solo artist needs to know about booking gigs, getting paid for those gigs, and how to get along with the sound engineer. Wondering about whether or not to enter that Battle of the Bands? Or how to win that competitive showcase? Gigging has the answers. Wondering what that […]

UMX – 2015

Buckner FunkenJazz

Ryan Chrys & the Roughcuts


BOW SHOCK SLEEPWALKER, 2008 Bow Shock, bo shok, n.  A stellar phenomenon.  A name given for the shape  associated with the deflection of solar wind around  a planetary body. The Boulder band consisting of David Dinsmore, Douglas Tapia and Troy N. Thill is Bow Shock.  With help from others, these guys use electronic beats, loops, […]


PRYMAL RHYTHM, TAKE ONE 2006 Holy crap !  This is one fine listen.  Though a little muddy and bassy, this three-piece from Loveland mood and brood throughout Take One, a 2006 release.  A lost gem of musical musings that starts with “High Life”  and ends with an untitled 2:17 track 9 of acoustic bliss guitars […]

Brutal Hand – Unchain The World

Artist: Brutal Hand CD: Unchain The World (© 2006) Unchain The World is Brutal Hand’s second album–an impressive follow up to their first effort, Brutal Hand (©2004). Brutal Hand doesn’t play a lot of gigs around town (unfortunately), and they may not be one of Denver’s more well known bands, but they definitely deserve to be […]

Solar – Run

Run, Solar Run is a very good self-produced debut album from the band Solar. It’s got ten tracks of mostly vocal driven rock with lots of acoustic guitars in the early tracks. There are a few good hooks like the one in “Set Me Free.” In addition to Producing, they recorded and mastered it themselves. […]

Demon Funkies – Punk Junkies

Punk Junkies, Demon Funkies We wouldn’t exactly call this “Punk,” but that’s a good thing. These guys rock harder than expected without crossing the line into metal or serious old-school punk. There’s hard throbbing rhythms, heavily distorted guitars and plenty of attitude. Definitely plenty of punk attitude in the vocals. But there are melodies and […]