• Riot Fest Denver 2015

  • Great White with 3 Colorado Bands

  • The Grind at Chatfields

  • GetUrGoat at Liquid Mechanics

  • Ginger Slap! at Nissi’s

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Gigging – Everything you need to know about playing gigs (except how to play your axe)

Gigging covers everything that any band or solo artist needs to know about booking gigs, getting paid for those gigs, and how to get along with the sound engineer. Wondering about whether or not to enter that Battle of the Bands? Or how to win that competitive showcase? Gigging has the answers. Wondering what that […]

Taking Criticsm

Sooner or later every successful band or artist will receive criticism.  Could be accolades or angry rants, but either way, it comes with the territory, so you better be able to take it. Positive criticisms from music reviewers are, of course, the best kind.  They love your music, they love your show, Wow!  Who doesn’t […]

RSD at Taunaz Tavern

Scarf Guitar Strap

We received an interesting new guitar strap made from a scarf, from the company Capturing Couture, out of California. The straps themselves are very cleverly put together.  It’s basically one long scarf with a standard leather guitar hookup thingy on each end.  It loops back over itself and attaches to a heavy duty metal bracket […]

Riot Fest Denver 2015

Riot Fest Denver August 29, 2015 At the National Western Complex Photos by Shirley Wheeler and David Barber

Great White with 3 Colorado Bands

Jack Russell’s Great White with Immortal Syn, Michael Morrow, and Lords of Distortion. Buffalo Rose, August 21, 2015 Photos by JR Wolfe.

The Grind at Chatfields

August 22. 2015. Photos by Shirley Wheeler and David Barber www.thegrind2080.com

GetUrGoat at Liquid Mechanics

Sept. 21, 2015 Photos by Patrick Tracy facebook.com/pages/GetUrGoat/731242496995441

We Want to Review your Stuff

Do you have a new device, app, or anything else that you would like reviewed?  Please send it in.   RockOnColorado.com PO Box 9344 Denver, CO 8209 We prefer to deal with stuff designed for musicians or can be used in the music or photography industries and we will give preference to things built or […]

AirTurn Duo

We received an AirTurn Duo from the Nederland, CO based company AirTurn  (www.airturn.com) and proceeded to figure out what it’s good for. Basically this is a bluetooth enabled wireless foot switch.  It can be used to switch a wide variety of things, but it was presented to us as something we could use with a […]

Ginger Slap! at Nissi’s

August 20, 2015. Photos by Patrick Tracy. https://www.facebook.com/gingerslapband https://www.reverbnation.com/gingerslap