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the subdudes

The Messers

Random Hero

Ryan Chrys & the Rough Cuts

Something Underground


Wish We Were Floyd

Tom Carleno

New Photos:

of Colorado Bands
back as far as 1997!

We've got new photos of:
UMX 2014,
the subdudes reunion show,
The Messers,
Sad Star Cafe, Ryan Chrys & the Rough Cuts,
The Conflict Between, Random Hero, No Fair Fights,
Liver Pool Benefit,
Something Underground, Angie Stevens,
...and many more!!

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rebel tongue

Rebel Tongue  - Movin' On

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Gigging The Book

In the Music Biz:

Getting Reviews

Sooner or later every band or musical artist will need independent reviews of their music.  Positive reviews can help any act to get better gigs, sell more CDs, and start or add to the act’s buzz. The down-side can be painful and difficult to handle, but even a bad review can be used to a band’s advantage.

So where and how do you get reviews?  

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