Wendy Woo- Walking The Skyline

wendy Woo - Walking the Skyline

Wendy Woo, Walking the Skyline

Wendy Woo’s Walking the Skyline represents her best work, so far. Woo’s tireless performance schedule gives her the opportunity to take new songs and play them solo and with her band until they are perfected. This CD contains eleven originals and two cool covers (“Use me” by Bill Withers and “Blackbird” by McCartney and Lennon). This reviewer has personally yelled out “Use me up!” on occasion at a Woo gig. If you’ve ever heard her play this funky favorite live, you know why. It’s extra cool that she put it on this CD. The originals reflect some of her experiences and inspirations sice moving from Boulder to the big bad citry of Denver and the others just show that she knows how to make a listener get up and dance. “Walking the Skyline,” the title track strolls along in your mind like an afternoon in the park with a new friend on a sunny day. “Angels Laughing” moves slowly but deliberately along and gives us a hint of Woo smiling and laughing about life. “One Way Street” speeds up the tempo a little and reflects her attitude about driving around in Capitol Hill or makes a statement about whatever relationship she was in at the time. Maybe both. “Gravity” brings in a little dance funk beat to the mix. “Urban Oasis” should be called “Lovin’ Every Minute Of It” the hook that repeats and latches itself into your brain. “Set in Stone” is another danceable funk tune guaranteed to get you off your ass. “Hold On” could be at home on any AAA radio station right next to any Dave Matthews number. “Down and Dirty” is one she’s recorded before, one with the percussive guitar style that always wows the crowd. “View of the Sky” brings visions to your head of Woo laying around in bed looking out the window of her house on the Hill trying to see the sky. The production still doesn’t quite capture the Woo’s performance like her live shows, but it’s an improvement over her previous discs. Music should be fun and this CD is. Buy it.
For more info: www.WendyWoo.com