U.S. Pipe – United Sound Pipe

U.S. Pipe - United Sound Pipe

United Sound Pipe , U.S. Pipe

United Sound Pipe from U.S. Pipe is, funky, rappy and delicious. There are eleven tracks on this album, ten of them original. This album was produced by Bill Thomas, who is one of our favorite producers. Thomas proves again why we like him with this album. He has accurately captured the magic of U.S. Pipe’s live performances. The song “Super Stupid” (a George Clinton cover) is only 3:05 min long, which is really short compared to the rest of the songs, which average out to around five and a half minutes each. One track, “Funky Family,” stretches on for eight minutes. It’s the nature of the beast here, though. This genre just doesn’t lend itself to short songs. In much the same way that punk songs are rarely longer than three minutes, funk songs are rarely that short. Lots of male and female vocals, funky grooves and blazing horns. The only down-side is that much of the album blends together by the end of it. There aren’t any big hooks that stick in your head but this album really doesn’t need them. The album makes great use of rapper Azma Holiday’s talents without sliding down to become just another pile of rap. There’s a good steady dance groove in every track compelling you to move some part of your body, like it or not.
Buy this CD is you like to move your booty.
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