Swami – Inertia

Swami - Inertia

Swami – Inertia

I’m a big fan of heavy metal, and hard rock. This is Swami’s first CD, Inertia, and I thought it was going to be the same old heavy metal sound, but I was impressed that Swami has mastered their own unique style which they call psychedelic, organic, heavy metal. It’s really a combination of complex melodies, intertwined with hard driving rock/metal and some of the best vocals for this genre (sultry and sexy singing, cold hard screaming, and deep growling). The band is Garth Waddups, vocals, Justin Jones on drums, Jeff Enger on guitar, and Dennis Heavy Perry on bass.

The CD contains five original songs. All containing music and lyrics that make you ponder the full meaning behind each song as you listen to them.

The first song, and my favorite of the CD, “Beltane” (which is Gaelic for the month of May, the last of the three spring fertility festivals) is a dark and haunting song with unforgettable lyrics “feels like blood dripping down my face, so black in the moonlight, take the sickness from my guts, chew it up and swallow” with a melody and chorus that you won’t be able to stop from repeating over and over in your head, “ get out of my head, you are not welcome here, get out of my head, it’s time to die!!”.

“Beautiful Mess” is a riveting song reflecting the pain of the personal experience of growing up watching the life of a heroin addict, and the “undying hours when demons co-exist”, until the end of days.

“Hero” a more melancholy song about how you never live up to what your hero in your life is and/or you will never be the hero other people want you to be

“Double 06 (006)” questions the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in all of us. How we struggle each day whether to answer to the good in us as Dr. Jekyll, or do we let the wild, untamed, Mr. Hyde take control over our every day uninspired lives and live up to what ever potential we are capable of. It’s a question of the ages, good versus evil, and which will prevail.

“The Hallways of the Always (free Charlie)” is a song dedicated to Charlie Manson. I think that sums it all up with no further explanation needed.

Swami’s music wakes you up and brings forth some things you’ve hidden in your life, experiences you and everyone has suffered or struggled through, and at times leaves a trail of tears.

All I can say is the music and lyrics are smooth, melodic, mesmerizing, and hard edged at the same time. The songs get inside of your head, and stay with you from the day and into the night. I find myself singing the chorus to the songs even when the music isn’t playing, and of course, head banging along too. This is one of the best CDs of this genre of 2011.

Buy it here: http://cdbaby.com/cd/swami1