Something Underground – We Came To Get Down

Something Underground - We Came To Get Down

We Came To Get Down, Something Underground

We love this CD! It rocks in just the right way. Not too hard, not to mellow. Great vocals from Seth and Josh Larson that are easily heard and memorable. The first track, also the title track, just grabs you right off the bat. We’ll call it that retro 1970s flavor of rock. Lots of guitar, catchy lyrics and terrific production. We found ourselves clicking our fingers along to “Mr. Elephant.” “Come Around” is dancebale and fun. The fact that this is a live album (except for the last track “Zombies”), blew us away, as the quality of the recording, thanks to Immersive Studios in Boulder, beats many studio albums we’ve heard. This just proves the theory that having a receptive audience oftentimes brings out the best in a band.
Buy this album if you like to get down!
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