Scarf Guitar Strap

scarf guitar strap

We received an interesting new guitar strap made from a scarf, from the company Capturing Couture, out of California.

The straps themselves are very cleverly put together.  It’s basically one long scarf with a standard leather guitar hookup thingy on each end.  It loops back over itself and attaches to a heavy duty metal bracket in the middle for adjustment.   There is also a leather cover that snaps into place over the metal adjustment part, to keep that from digging into you. The scarves are made of a “soft jersey knit scarf fabric”.

OK, so we went to our favorite guitar shop, hooked the strap up to a few different guitars and checked to see how it felt.  The strap felt quite soft and a little bouncy. Definitely more comfy than the usual leather or synthetic strap. The doubled over part rides on your shoulder, making it a little stronger and also a lot softer than an average strap.

One main difference between this strap and most guitar straps is that it doesn’t slide around much.  It kind of grips your shirt and prevents much slippage.  This great for those neck heavy guitars or basses, as it will prevent them from wanting to slide down and out of your hand all the time. However, if you’re the kind of player who likes to bring the neck up and down a lot or swing your axe around your back, this might not work for you.

The scarf straps come in a variety of colors and styles, that seem to be aimed at female players, but some of them would appeal to almost anyone.

Notably: Capturing Couture donates $1 from every Guitar Strap purchased to the charity: Little Kids Rock! whose goal is to make sure all kids get access to musical instruction.
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