Scarf Camera Strap Review

scarf camera strap

We received an interesting new camera strap made from a scarf, from the company Capturing Couture, out of California.

The straps themselves are very cleverly put together.  It’s basically one long scarf with leather and steel hookups on each end. A standard attachment strap that actually connects to the camera goes on the metal end of the leather part and hooks up just like any other camera strap.

The scarves are made of a “soft jersey knit scarf fabric”. They come in a variety of colors and patterns sure to appeal to almost anyone, but seem to be targeted mostly at women.

We hooked one up to our DSLR and hung it around our neck.  It was comfy and soft.  A couple of traits that most camera straps don’t share.  It seemed secure and not prone to slipping or other problems so we left it on for a while.

We asked our favorite beautiful female staff photographer if she would be interested in trying the scarf  strap out, but she responded with questions about how it could be cleaned.  According to Capturing Couture’s website, they suggest “spot cleaning.” That answer was not very helpful, since our friend is more concerned with what happens when you’re out shooting at a festival and your neck gets sweaty.  We think that just soaking or rinsing with Woolite in a sink, similar to how you might clean any scarf,  would probably do the trick. But taking it off the camera every time, might be kind of a hassle (not to mention trying to keep the leather and metal parts dry.)

We wore the strap at Oktoberfest in Vail and had no problems with it.  It was comfortable and was remarked on by at least one person.

Since then we have worn it while photographing several different events and found it to be comfortable and secure. After a couple hot and sweaty photo shoots, we observed no running of colors or other problems.  It’s a nice comfy camera strap.

If you are looking for a stylish, comfortable, and different kind of camera strap for your DSLR this is one you should seriously consider.  They come in a variety of styles.  Check them all out at the link below:

Check out Capturing Couture’s Ultra Chic Camera Straps and Accessories.