Novus Folium – War Games

Novus Folium - War Games

Novus Folium – War Games

By Shirley Wheeler

From the minute I put this CD on, I loved it. It’s goes from hard rocking/metal, to softer more melancholy songs. It’s the perfect mix of everything to make this one of the best CDs I’ve listened to in 2011. Who wouldn’t love the unsurpassed vocal talent of Jonathan Lee, who combines everything from the smooth, sexy, soft, lyrical, and growls/screams that are some of the best in the industry. In addition to that the great musical talents of David Roy Bartlett on bass, Aaron Sittner on lead guitar, Van VerHoeven on rhythm guitar, Matt Rivera on drums, and Jake Coats on keyboards. Their ferocious music and lyrics are why this CD rocks!

The first song “Before We Jump” describes exactly how every single man and woman has ever felt with thoughts of love, how “its never felt like this” and “it scares me half to death but it feels like heaven” and “through suffering, love is all we need”. It gives me hope that fairy tale love might come true or might be real.

My favorite song on the CD is “Knights on Fire”, it rocks, and the lyrics “ you can break shatter the day, let the pieces fall and burn away, you’re never going to shake me it’s only gonna to change me. Waiting for the change.”, touched a chord my heart. This is the song that I end up singing (off key of course) without even being conscience that I’m singing.

“Sounds of a Dying Breed” lyrics “Why are we fighting, I can’t keep on crying, breaking the ties that just keep on binding…”, “I’m starting to believe in no one but myself” and “I have grown so numb when all I wanted was to love you”, hit me like a hammer, because haven’t we all been here before, and asked the same questions.

“Lost and Found” really kicked it home, although it’s written about a man and his feelings about breaking up with his woman, but you can flip it around and it describes anyone’s feelings of saying good-bye to someone who meant a lot to you, but who was in reality was “bad” for you. The chorus “And I know that nothing seems the same, it’s better off this way, it’s better off this way, and I know we’ll make it out this way, it’s better off this way, it’s better off this way” and the lyrics “I only lost what I was willing too, only to find it’s killing you and me”. I think that just says it all right there, and putting any embarrassment aside, this song brought tears to my eyes.

“Saving Grace” made me ponder the age old question “I can try to save the world or I can try to save myself, in what direction will I turn, I will not fail.”

With the high energy music and amazing lyrics, this CD is dedicated to help people make it through the day, the year, their existence. To move forward, no matter what the past has done to you, or will do to you in the future. It’s truly inspirational and motivational. It touched my heart and my soul, and left me with the knowledge I’m not the only person who has had these feelings and/or experiences in life and love, and that I can get through any challenge by knowing “nothing ever stays the same”.

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