Marisa Nikole – Anchor

Marisa Nikole - Anchor

Anchor, the EP from Marisa Nikole sounds lush and full with plenty of sweet, high, beautiful vocals.

The EP has six tunes. There is a full lyric sheet inside the jewel case. Musically there are a lot of catchy hooks and varied instrumentation, with a banjo thrown in on Come Around and violin on Dust. The song Always is played mostly on piano while the rest seem centered on acoustic guitar. Sometimes the vocals are drowned out by the music, making it hard to understand the lyrics.  Nikole’s vocals are way too nice to leave buried behind any instrument.  But overall, we liked this EP and look forward to hearing more from Nikole. This is a songwriter worth listening to and watching develop.

Visit the website:, go to a show, and buy a CD before Nashville woos her away from us.