Dead River – 19.A.D.D.

Dead River - 19.A.D.D.

Dead River, 19A.D.D.

When we first got this CD, we were intrigued. Nice packaging, with the jewel case inside of a cardboard sleeve. We pulled out the folded up 18 panel insert and discovered a full color poster approximately 14 inches on each side. This part was pretty impressive and really quite cool for a local CD. That alone had to cost them a small fortune. The album cover lists 15 tracks, so we thought this might really be something exciting. Unfortunately, we listened to the disc once through and we never want to make that mistake again. The first track “Siddhapur” was just noise. The kind of noise that makes you wonder if your CD player is broken. The next track was music… “Experimental” music, but we could hear some guitars and drums and stuff in there, so we’ll call it music just to be nice. The rest of the album consists of guitar wanking interspersed with noise, spoken word weirdness and general mayhem. We understand that it was probably a lot of fun for the musicians who created it, and we fully acknowledge that it is one of the most creative albums we have ever heard, but we will never put it back into the player, ever again. It’s like an entire album of “Revolution # 9” (The Beatles) performed by metalheads. Also, there are no singing vocals on the entire CD, which I suppose makes it instrumental jazz or some other kind of crap that we just don’t care for. It’s not entertaining, it’s not fun and just in case you missed it earlier, we never want to hear it again.
Don’t buy this CD, unless you really like weird shit.
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