Havok – Pwn Em All

Havok - Pwn Em All

by Ellen Zuckerman

HAVOK is a young, tight thrash/speed metal band that has been playing together for the past few years around Denver, Colorado. “PWN EM ALL” is a re-recording of the band’s 2004 demo “Thrash Can.” The CD has a very clean sound, considering it was locally produced, engineered and mixed by David Sanchez, guitarist and lead vocalist of HAVOK. The CD consists of six solid songs that are all over 4 minutes or more. Melodic riffs, two guitars working together rather than dueling, and powerful lyrics all combine to make “PWN ‘EM ALL” a very listenable album. HAVOK may be heavily influenced by old school thrash metal, but they tweak it and add an almost punkish taste to form their own unique sound.
The EP’s best tracks are “Last Words,” which starts off with a very powerful guitar riff coming right at you like a hard punch in the face, and “Identity Theft” which is reminiscent in both music and vocals of “Kill Em All” era-Metallica. Although these two tracks in particular are stand-outs, you will find yourself replaying this entire CD repeatedly, because all of the songs are well-written and played almost to perfection.
“PWN EM ALL” is a must have for anyone who likes their metal loud, technically polished, and driving well over the speed limit.
Check them out at http://www.myspace.com/HAVOK