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Because You’re On Stage!

By David A. Barber Author of Gigging, Everything You Need to Know About Playing Gigs (Except How to Play Your Axe) There’s nothing more annoying than watching a band on stage performing that has zero stage presence. It’s even worse when the music is really good. You could shut your eyes and enjoy the music, […]

The Jars

The Jars The Jars is a fun project from keyboard-whiz/studio-geek Jeremy Lawton. Basically, it’s punk versions of covers of classic hits from The Cars. There’s 13 tracks covering everything from “Let The Good Times Roll” to “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight.” The cool thing is that, unlike most punk, these songs are played well and […]

Jeff Norman and The Ouzo Project – Self Titled

Jeff Norman and The Ouzo Project, Self Titled Jeff Norman and The Ouzo Project rolls pleasantly out of the stereo. The ten tracks are all well played fairly simple pop-rock songs with a leaning towards emo. The songs are well crafted and the production quality is good enough that you don’t notice it. Jeff Norman’s […]

The Last Seen – Demonstration

The Last Seen, Demonstration The Last Seen’s demo disc, appropriately named Demonstration, shows that this band has some serious potential. The production quality is terrific, especially for a demo. That must be due to the influences of producer Drew Hodgson (of Carolyn’s Mother fame) and the engineering work of the Hlatky bothers at Woodshed Studios. […]

Wanker – The Total Wanker

Wanker, The Total Wanker, Wank-o Records “You won’t touch me, so I touch myself.” Is a fitting start to The Total Wanker. For those who may be new to Wanker, they formed in the late 1980s as a parody of all the bighaired metal bands running around wearing womens lingerie and playiing stupid self-indulgent crap. […]

Rubber Planet – Out There

Rubber Planet, Out There On this CD the Rubbery boys have finally captured their live sound and gone one better. Out There adds to the familiar power-pop Rubber Planet sound with cool studio effects that don’t stray into over-production or musical masturbation. Twelve original songs, one low price. If you’re a Rubber fan you must […]

Mojomama, Drivin’

Mojomama, Drivin’ Mojomama provides us with 12 original tracks on Drivin’. Their funky soul sound comes through loud and clear with a hard drivin’ bass line and smooth vocals. The retro 1970s feel of the music is emphasized by the ’70s muscle car pictured on the CD cover art, which was shot by our own […]

The Fray – Reason ep

The Fray, Reason ep Reason is a seven track ep from The Fray, probably doing double duty as a demo disc. The Fray has good reason to be optimistic. Reason comes in a simple cardboard sleeve with no liner notes. We like liner notes, but if more demos had this kind of quality we’d overlook […]

StarFuzz – You Are Food

StarFuzz, You Are Food You Are Food, a full length CD from StarFuzz, showcases the considerable talents of four seasoned musicians who got together and formed a new band. Josh Skelton, Ryan Countryman, Curtis Durham, and Jared Schiltz. Most of the songwriting comes from the duo of Skelton and Countryman. Backed up by the rhythm […]

Rick Seaton, Ivory Angels

Rick Seaton, Ivory Angels – Christmas Carols Reinvented Rick Seaton played all the instruments, arranged, produced and recorded this whole effort on his own. Which wouldn’t be so impressive if there weren’t so many different instruments, played so well on this recording. This reviewer hates, I mean abosolutely detests, Christmans carols but this collection was […]

Making the most of Low Paying Gigs

By David A. Barber Author of Gigging, Everything You Need to Know About Playing Gigs (Except How to Play Your Axe) Every band has to take low paying gigs from time to time. It may be a new venue/market where you don’t have a following yet, or it’s benefit for a worthy cause that you […]

Nina Storey – 24 Off the Board

Nina Storey, 24 Off the Board Nina Storey’s latest release, 24 Off the Board, is an incredible two disc live recording from a set of shows over the course of 3 nights at Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz, CA. Recorded and mixed by her father Bill Storey, an award winning engineer in his own right, […]