DJ Alf’s 45+1

DJ Alf’s 45+1 at Ophelia’s electric Soapbox Featuring: Orchid Mei, Honey Touche, Joshua Trinidad, Ryan Hall, Sean Culliton, Kyle Etges, Jason Hoke, Optyknerd, and Squidds Madden. April 8, 2017 Photos by David A. Barber #alf.ktcl, #MissOrchidMei, #Honey-Touche-and-the-Touchettes-129746870389346, #joshuaernestotrinidad, kyle.etges, #ryan.hall.5249, #jhoke722, #optycnerd, #SquiddsMadden

Forty Five Plus One

Alf’s Forty Five Plus One at Syntax Physic Opera Feb. 27, 2017 Photos by David A. Barber


Hosted by Alf. Featuring: Frankenelvis, The Knife Guys, Major Tom & The Cosmonauts, Cherry Creek Reservoir Dogs, and Carmen Monoxide at Lost Lake Lounge, April 30, 2016. Photos by David Barber.

Nerd PromĀ 2016

Featuring: Alf, One Flew West, SkyLaw, and Andy Rok & The Real Deal At Summit Music Hall, March 5, 2016. Photos by David Barber