12 Cents For Marvin – It’s Not Over

12 Cents For Marvin, the long-lived Ft. Collins based ska band released this long-awaited album It’s Not Over in late 2016. Eight original tracks all between 2 and 4 minutes (perfect for radio) Strangely (for a cd) the album is divided into Side A and Side B. Taht makes us speculate that the album is […]

How to Make the Best of Lousy Gigs

Every band has to take low paying gigs from time to time. It may be a new venue/market where you don’t have a following yet, or it’s benefit for a worthy cause that you are pleased to volunteer for, or just one of those nights where very few people show up and the venue doesn’t […]

Radio Programming – The Tour Guide Theory

By David A. Barber Author of Gigging, Everything You Need to Know About Playing Gigs (Except How to Play Your Axe) Not long ago in my home market a radio station changed hands.  The new owners brought in new blood to run it and they changed up the tired oldies format by bringing in a […]

Never Drop The Mic

Lately there has been this popular trend where people trying to give emphasis to whatever point they just made have dropping the microphone on the floor when they are done.  This can be somewhat dramatic and make a point, but it’s also really rude and inappropriate in most cases.   Firstly, it’s always rude and […]

Adrienne O – Elevation

The coolest thing about Elevation is the inclusion of seven remixes.  So, in addition to the five original tracks there are seven remixes from random people on the internet.  How brave is that to not only put your music out there and ask for remixes, but to put the best of them onto the CD […]

Marisa Nikole – Anchor

Anchor, the EP from Marisa Nikole sounds lush and full with plenty of sweet, high, beautiful vocals. The EP has six tunes. There is a full lyric sheet inside the jewel case. Musically there are a lot of catchy hooks and varied instrumentation, with a banjo thrown in on Come Around and violin on Dust. The […]

Scarf Camera Strap Review

We received an interesting new camera strap made from a scarf, from the company Capturing Couture, out of California. The straps themselves are very cleverly put together.  It’s basically one long scarf with leather and steel hookups on each end. A standard attachment strap that actually connects to the camera goes on the metal end […]

Scarf Guitar Strap

We received an interesting new guitar strap made from a scarf, from the company Capturing Couture, out of California. The straps themselves are very cleverly put together.  It’s basically one long scarf with a standard leather guitar hookup thingy on each end.  It loops back over itself and attaches to a heavy duty metal bracket […]

We Want to Review your Stuff

Do you have a new device, app, or anything else that you would like reviewed?  Please send it in. PO Box 9344 Denver, CO 8209 We prefer to deal with stuff designed for musicians or can be used in the music or photography industries and we will give preference to things built or […]

AirTurn Duo

We received an AirTurn Duo from the Nederland, CO based company AirTurn  ( and proceeded to figure out what it’s good for. Basically this is a bluetooth enabled wireless foot switch.  It can be used to switch a wide variety of things, but it was presented to us as something we could use with a […]

Judge Roughneck – Pick You Up

Pick You Up is the first album from Denver’s longest playing ska band Judge Roughneck since they release Skankin’ Naked in 1999. It’s an eclectic mixture of songs collected and recorded over a number of years that are both fun and intriguing.  We haven’t heard all of them live, so it’s a little odd to […]

Compass & Cavern – Mother of Invention – EP

We get a lot of albums submitted from local bands we’ve never heard of, and most of them are disappointing at best, flat out horrible at worst. This is one of those rare albums that we actually enjoyed listening to despite never having even heard of the band before. Mother of Invention is a Seven […]