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How to Make the Best of Lousy Gigs

Every band has to take low paying gigs from time to time. It may be a new venue/market where you don’t have a following yet, or it’s benefit for a worthy cause that you are pleased to volunteer for, or just one of those nights where very few people show up and the venue doesn’t […]

Exploring Different Avenues for Music

In one of our previous posts, we discussed the requirements needed for having your music played on the radio, sharing general pointers as well as specific strategies for getting airplay across the radio categories, from traditional formats to internet stations. Radio is a great way to gain exposure, but in order for your sound to […]

Radio Programming – The Tour Guide Theory

By David A. Barber Author of Gigging, Everything You Need to Know About Playing Gigs (Except How to Play Your Axe) Not long ago in my home market a radio station changed hands.  The new owners brought in new blood to run it and they changed up the tired oldies format by bringing in a […]

Never Drop The Mic

Lately there has been this popular trend where people trying to give emphasis to whatever point they just made have dropping the microphone on the floor when they are done.  This can be somewhat dramatic and make a point, but it’s also really rude and inappropriate in most cases.   Firstly, it’s always rude and […]

Understanding P.R.O.’s for Small Business

So you have a small business, maybe a restaurant or a bar, and you decide it would be fun (and maybe profitable) to have a musician come in and play for a few hours on Friday and Saturday night.  He/she comes in and plays familiar old tunes for a few hours, you pay them $100, […]

7 Little Known Factors that Could Cause Fret Buzz (and How to Fix It)

Sometimes having the guitar of your dreams that sounds like it came from heaven is simply not enough. Sometimes, you might find yourself in the situation where the strings are buzzing against the frets. What is fret buzz, you might ask yourself. Shortly, the sound made by a guitar string that is rattling against a […]

Why We Hate Smoke Machines

Recently we attended a show that reminded us of why we detest smoke machines. A band touring out of LA showed up at a small local club in Denver to play a show on a Sunday night.  We don’t expect big things out of bands playing on Sundays, no matter where they are touring from, […]

Taking Criticsm

Sooner or later every successful band or artist will receive criticism.  Could be accolades or angry rants, but either way, it comes with the territory, so you better be able to take it. Positive criticisms from music reviewers are, of course, the best kind.  They love your music, they love your show, Wow!  Who doesn’t […]

Getting Reviews

Sooner or later every band or musical artist will need independent reviews of their music.  Positive reviews can help any act to get better gigs, sell more CDs, and start or add to the act’s buzz. The down-side can be painful and difficult to handle, but even a bad review can be used to a […]

Hiring a Producer

Ok, so you have realized that you need something better than a live demo in order to shop your band or solo act around. You need something that sounds professional and high quality in order to help you get those lucrative gigs. You need someone with experience to help you select songs, maybe help improve […]

Effective Use of Email

By David A. Barber Author of Gigging, Everything You Need to Know About Playing Gigs (Except How to Play Your Axe) Collect as many addresses as you can from your fans. Ask them to sign up on a list at your gigs and ask for email addresses on your website. Give them something for free […]